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Lisa Phillips

Hi Emily,

I am working locally and I did an uninstall and reinstall and it is still
publishing without the right color background. I would like to send you my
file to look at, but don't want it accessible to everyone as it is a company
copyrighted product. If I send it through this email is it private?

Lisa Phillips

Emily Ruby

Hello Lisa,

I wanted to follow up with this issue. I received your support case and sent a reply on the 15 of January. I wanted to make sure you received the response. I was able to publish your file with the black background. I do not want to share this on this post, due to your copyright reasons. Have you received the email from support@articulate.com?

John Ruiz

There was another thread (or two) about this recently but I'm having trouble finding them.  Other people (including myself) are having the same issue.  Someone had offered this workaround in one of those threads:

  • Click Publish (like you're going to publish normally); Publish window pops up
  • Click Storyline Player (found next to Player under the properties on the pop-up Publish window)
  • On the Player Properties pop-up, change nothing, just click OK or Cancel; that window closes
  • Click Publish (on the pop-up Publish window that's still up), which should start the publish process

It's a little tedious/silly, but it will make sure your background color shows as intended.