Page layout options on a software simulation

I have recorded a software simulation and have added it as a new scene to my project, however, I've found that it has just centered the recording in the middle of the slide.  How would I go about moving it around and then adding graphics around it to 'pretty up' the page?

I'd like for my template layout to be applied and it won't, and I'd like to move the screen cast to the left so I can add information to the right side of the screen

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kathy -- Thanks for reaching out, and for the sample images you have shared! Perhaps you might want to review the discussion over here, software simulation position on slide, and let us know if any of the options there will work for you. If not, perhaps others in the community can add additional suggestions here to assist! 

Kathy Jerrard

Thank you for your reply!  As I went for a walk this afternoon a solution came to me.  I ended up creating an image of how I wanted the slide to look and then fit the browser window into the computer image and screen cast the whole layout.  The Objectives text was added as a text layer during editing