Panel of scene contents in Normal View - make vertical?

I have a series of slides in a scene, currently they have no triggers, so the left hand nav panel in Normal View is not having to work to show links between them. Yet the display of slides is horizontal (entirely unhelpful as the panel is thin and tall). is there a way to switch this panel to a vertical list of slide thumbs, as in PowerPoint?


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Igor Belyaev

Dear support, is there any point in arranging slides horizontally on the scene panel if you remove all standard transition triggers in the player?

It would be convenient to use a vertical panel in a vertical direction. I think most developers make custom buttons and player menus and don't use the built-in player of the program. 

Walt Hamilton

If you replace the standard transition triggers with custom triggers, the thumbnails will line up vertically. The main purpose of that panel is to show the relationship between slides that the triggers create, thus showing the flow of the project from slide to slide.

So yes, if there is no flow from one to the next, it makes sense that they show up on the hierarchical chart as equals (horizontally).

Igor Belyaev

Hello Walt

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

But the fact is that the slides are numbered and, in the absence of triggers, they can calmly line up vertically. The built-in transition trigger does not clean up the hierarchy either, nor does the "absence" of triggers at all.

In addition, custom triggers are usually done on slide master, this is the normal way. The program could also pay attention to this )

There was an idea to make crutches: to enable temporary triggers for swipe. Then the standard buttons do not appear in the player, but the slides are rearranged ... True, a slide with a question knocks this flow down )