is there a way to spread connected scenes horizontally in story view?

Dec 21, 2022

I have a project with multiple scenes where the student learns the first objective, takes a quiz (scene) and continues to the next objective (scene). As i connect the last scene to the next one, it has formed this single, very long vertical project down the middle of my story view. This seems like a poor use of story view real estate. Is there a way to connect scenes where the scenes are spread horizontal across story view? Not just one, very long vertical line.

I attached an screen shot of what i mean by very long, vertical project.

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Judy Nollet

Storyview is programmed to provide an overview of how a course is connected.

  • If a course is linear, then the slides and scenes will be presented in a long, vertical line. 
  • Otherwise, Storyview will lay out the slides/scenes based on how they are interconnected. (There are countless ways that could look...)

BTW, when you're editing, I think you'll be glad to have that vertical line, because it'll be easier to select slides in the Scenes panel.  :-)