Story View Display - Position Scenes Help

May 21, 2013

I need some help in positioning my scenes in Story View.

I have 11 scenes in my story and I want to display each scene horizontially across the window (11 columns) but ..... the scenes are "connected" and at the end of scene-1 the Learner can jump to scene-2.

My problem is that the scenes do not display across the window hotizontially they display vertically as 11 scenes stacked in one long column.

How can I position the location of the scenes in the Story View to where I want them displayed??

Thanks, Ray

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ray! :) Hope you're doing well!

When you have multiple scenes that aren't  directly tied together, they'll appear horizontally:

The image above shows scenes that aren't tied using the "Next" button, or triggers that connect the scenes.

When the scenes are connected, they'll stack, as you mentioned, vertically. This happens when you use the triggers or navigational buttons to connect the scenes. 

Are you just wanting to rearrange them for organizational purposes? If so, you could try collapsing the scenes, so they take up less space. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple slides in your scenes. 

It would look something like this:

As you can see on the left side, they still stack, but they take up less space and it's a little less overwhelming when you have multiple slides in a scene. 

To do this, click on the small dash in the upper right-hand corner of the scene.

I hope this helps :)


Randy Simmons

Is this an issue with anyone else? I have some courses with 15 or 20 scenes and it is a long way to scroll, even when scenes are collapsed. Plus, even more importantly, being able to view the scenes horizontally as columns would help me in conceptualizing the course. I would like to see the scenes movable so I could place them where I want on a grid.