Part of screen cut off after project is rendered

Aug 31, 2020


This is part of an activity that I created.  The published product appears correct to me (wide slide w/ scenario on the side), but I have a few colleagues who are seeing parts of the slide cut off (the entire slide is moved down the screen or the side of the question is cut off).  I thought might just be too wide, but then why would it move down the screen?  

Any idea why this might be happening?  I attached a few screenshots and as well as the source file to this message.  



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Mick Irvin Garcia

Hi Amit, I looked into your course and checked on the story size. It's locked to a specific resolution which is why it's appearing zoomed in to your colleagues.

I would suggest changing the size to more favorable resolution types so their players would be able to accomodate course on their respective screens. Either untick the lock aspect ration, or select among the prescirbed sizes.

I hope this helps.

Amit Goel

Hi Mick, 

Thank you for the response.  I have it on a very wide format right now.  Width: 1500, Height: 842.  When I simply uncheck the Lock Aspect Ratio box, it stays at the same size.  That, by itself, didn't fix the problem, right?  I actually have to choose a 4:3 (720x540) or 16:9 (720x405) resolution?  Or am I wrong?   

I deliberately have it wide so that I can accommodate all of the content.  If I go with a custom layout instead of 4:3 or 16:9, do you think there is a maximum width I shouldn't go above?  

I don't normally mess around with these settings so I'm just not sure how much to narrow it so it works for my colleagues.  

Also, one of colleagues said the entire slide has shifted down on her page.  That problem is also caused by this resolution issue?  

Thank you


Mick Irvin Garcia

The caveat of having to change the aspect ration is that you would have to make adjustments with the text to make them fit or be smaller than they already are (which I think you refrain from doing.)

Have you tried locking the storyline player to an optimal size?

You can do that in the Player settings.

You can test this out too if it works according to your needs.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Amit,

I'm seeing a result similar to what you're expecting:

In addition, when I scale my display, it shows as expected with my published link:

Do you know what version of Storyline you're using?

You can check by going to:
Help > About Articulate Storyline

We are currently on Build 3.43.22859.0 Storyline 360. You can read all of the details here.

We made an improvement in Build 3.40.22208.0:

When you use the modern player style, learners can use the zoom settings in desktop browsers to make slides bigger and easier to see. Learn more.

Amit Goel

Hello Leslie and Mick,

Thank you for the replies.  Unfortunately, I'm still having the same problem.  I and most of my colleagues see the activities properly rendered, but a few of them are not seeing it correctly.  This activity will ultimately be viewed by students so I don't want them to have to worry about zoom settings.  I just want to appear correctly the first time they open it. 

Here's where I am:  I changed the resolution from 1500 x 842 to 720 x 405 (16:9).  I also unchecked the "Lock aspect ratio" box.  But then every time I returned to it, it was checked again.  

Two of my colleagues are seeing the entire activity pushed down (zoomed in?) like this (the word feedback is partially cut off on the bottom and the full choices are cut off on the side):

I attached a new source file with just one slide with my new settings.  What am I doing wrong?  

And here is the link to the activity:





Lauren Connelly

Hello Amit!

Thank you for sharing the updated story file and the extra details!

I've published the course for web using Storyline 360 Update 43 (Build 3.43.22859.0) and I see the same view as my teammate, Leslie. Here's the link. 

Are your colleagues using a specific browser? Also, are you using Storyline 360 Update 43 (Build 3.43.22859.0) or another version?

Amit Goel

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for the email.  I think they are using Chrome for viewing the project.  Yes, I am way back on Version:  v3.37.21614.0

There is some issue that a lot of people's Storyline 360 software keep crashing when they update to the latest version.  Not sure why.  I'll check with our team today and see if we are able to update yet.  

In the meantime, I verified that eliminating the sidebar works as a temporary fix.  



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