Pass Text Variables to Canvas LMS

Hi all, 

I've been trying to get Storyline 360 to pass user entered text into the Canvas LMS. I've tried the steps linked below and a couple of variations with no luck. SCORM cloud is catching that the data is entered in the text boxes though, so the information is being captured successfully. 

Basically, I have students who need to enter text in response to clinical data of a patient. That information needs to be visible to the instructor once the activity is complete. Any ideas?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Derrick!

You did the right thing by testing in SCORM Cloud, and I'm sorry to hear that the result differs in your LMS.

Although I'm not seeing any similar discussions, I'm hopeful that folks using this platform will stop by to share their thoughts.

In the meantime, have you had a chance to connect with Canvas' team for more insight?

Derrick MacGillivray

Hi Dearne, I apologize for the late reply. Covid19 has created a lot of issues at our institution. Unfortunately, I've also had no luck resolving the issue, even after reaching out to Canvas. Since SCORMCloud is reporting the variable data being passed, I'm pretty sure this is a Canvas issue. 

As for my workflow, when I create a module, I was exporting them out at SCORM 2004 packages. They have a course completion trigger that fires when the timeline starts on the last slide. It would report completion fine, but when the assignment is opened for grading, there simply isn't any information available beyond that from the passed variable. 

Since we couldn't get custom variables to report, we have been using them as micro learning  assignments. This lets us at least track completion in Canvas with these settings: graded assignment, complete/not complete, 0 points and not counted towards the final grade.

I recently had to tweak this workflow though. One of the products (I'm not sure which) made an update about a month or so ago and now using Incomplete/Complete in Storyline/Rise quit reporting correctly, no matter what version of SCORM I used. Now I'm using SCORM 1.2 and setting the reporting as Passed/Incomplete in both Storyline and Rise. The completion reports are working again, but had to go back and update a lot of previously developed content that was being reused.