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Aug 15, 2014


I've been doing all my courses with a complete/incomplete status. The 5 courses I created have 60 pages each and 10 to 12 quiz questions. If a question is answered incorrect we clock "try again" and it goes to remedial content and then goes back to quiz for a second try.I am not employing any post quiz review pages or scores.

Problem is I am now being asked to show a percentage score off 80% in order to pass. (The student will fail if under 80%.) Question: how can I do this with all of the quizzes broken up with content between them? Do i have to have them all in a row? I think i did with Quizmaker. I am using storyline.

thanks, chase

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Andrew Sellon

Hi Chase! If I'm understanding your question correctly, and all your quiz questions are within modules of a single course, then I think all you need to do is go to your Results slide (or add one if you're not already using one). On that slide, click the "Edit Result Slide" button on the right side of the developer window. A new window should open listing all the questions in the project, and you can put a check mark in any questions that need to contribute to your final score. And lower in that same window, there is a field where you can specify the 80% passing score you want. There are some other helpful items on the Options tab in this window, as well.

On most older LMS setups out there (unless you're already using the Experience API (aka Tin Can)), you can only pass back one final score to an LMS. But your questions that make up that final score can be spread out through your modules. Others may have more to add.

I hope this helps!


Ashley Hirai

Ill try that.. Thanks Wendy.. also how many points per item? I also created a variable so it will count how many correct items did the learner answered but it seems that its giving me a wrong count. I put the variable on every "correct" layer so everytime the learner gets a correct answer it will add 1 pt. I put the number of the count in the result slide as well for the learner to see how many correct items they got. But I always end up getting a wrong count at the end...  :( 

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