Passing Slider variables to an LMS

Sep 21, 2019

Hi All - I have a single slide with 6 sliders. Essentially they are being used as a different way to ask a True/False question. Is there a way to pass the results to our LMS? I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Georvy Sacramento

Hi there Elizabeth,

Good evening!

Typically, Articulate Storyline doesn't report the value of variables to a learning management system (LMS). However, you may be able to communicate variables to an LMS using a technique.

I haven't tried it yet though but have seen a few articles on how to send the value of a variable to an LMS which may help you with your sliders variables.

Also, I think I have read a community discussion that is somehow similar to your query. See discussion below. I believe it's really helpful especially the discussion was about sliders pulling through results in LMS similar as yours:

Hope this helps and best of luck on your project!



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