Password font not embedded in SCORM-file?

Sep 22, 2017


First time user, long time fan ;) I just created a course in StoryLine, where I am using a font (attached to this thread) that just displays dots irregardless of what you press - this is to mimic typing a password.

It works fine in StoryLine, but when I publish it to a SCORM 1.2 and import it into my LMS, the dots disappear and are just replaced with a regular font.

Can someone please explain whether I'm doing something wrong or if it's just not possible to include a user specific font into the SCORM-file?

Best regards,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jesper and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :) 

If you are concerned about the issue being within your LMS, I would advise uploading the content to SCORM Cloud for some comparison testing. This will help determine if the issue lies within the project or the LMS.

If you're able to replicate, just let us know and we can take a closer look. Feel free to share your .story file or even a sample .story slide for us to use.

Jesper Pedersen

Thank you so much for your help, Leslie :) 

I tried uploading the course to SCORM Cloud and it still types regular letters instead of points, so it looks like the problem is within the SCORM-file itself or maybe in the way that I publish the file? (LMS, SCORM 1.2, ZIP)

I've added the slide with the problem as an attachment.

Michael Anderson

Jesper, I think you are going to have to try to bundle your password font with your course, as it will not be displayed properly if the end-user does not have it installed on their system. Matthew Bibby has written a tutorial on how to do this here:  I'm looking for a password font on Google now, to see if there is one that would work for your project.

Michael Anderson

Jesper, the version attached here works by embedding your font as a web object. Javascript code runs when the timeline starts to add your font to the css of the document. This only works in Chrome and FF. Let me know if this is what you want and I can see about making it work across other platforms.

Jesper Pedersen

Hey Michael. I'm sorry for the late reply, work has been hectic ;) I am really grateful that you took the time to help me out - really appreciate it!

The file works like a dream! It's just like the font is working like in Storyline. I would absolutely love it if you could look at making it work across other platforms :D 

Michael Anderson

Jesper, I just tested this on SCORM Cloud and it seems to work fine playing from there. Can you check that again on your end?

Also, my original version (the one uploaded above) seems to work across all the browsers I tested: Firefox, Chrome, iPad Safari, Android, all in html5. Can you test it in any other browsers that your clients may have?

Michael Anderson

If you copied the slide into a new project, the unique id of the web object folder probably changed. I had created a javascript trigger on that slide. If you look at the trigger, you will see the path to the web object folder on the 4th line. That needs to be edited.

If you already have the slide copied into your project, then publish the project, select "open" to open the published folder, navigate to the "story_content\WebObjects" folder. You should see a folder name there with an id for its name. Assuming you have only one web object in your project, it should be the only folder there. Copy the name of that folder (id) and replace the one in the javascript trigger with that folder name. Save and re-publish, and it should work now. Let me know if you have any problems.

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