Step by Step Video & Password entry simiulations

Mar 07, 2014


I'm putting together a step by step video in which the user will need to 'log in' an application. I'd like it to respond as close to the actiual application as possible.

With the application, the user must log in with their username and password. However, like all passwords, the actual entry does not display. Instead dots display as you type. Is there a way to do this?

I want the username field to display exactly what they type, and the password field to accept what ever is typed but display dots.

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Kristin Shantz

Hi Karel, Maybe use wingdings or webdings as the font for the data entry field?  That way it will show up as symbols as they type, but it won't all be the "same" symbol as it is with the dots for passwords.  

If that doesn't work, maybe one of the gurus in these forums will have a great solution, as this one mostly likely isn't exactly what you intended.