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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Yoni,

The length and settings of the original object will determine how it is pasted into a new slide. So for example, if it is set to a length of 5 seconds on Slide 1 and you copy/paste to slide 2 the 5 seconds will keep - unless the object is set to show until the end or show always - then it'll be adjust for the entire length of the new slide's timeline. 

Similarly, if the the object is set to start at second 9 on slide 1, and you copy and paste it into slide 2 the same timing will transfer. 

yvan meloche

Not what I mean. I'll try to be clearer. Lets say I want to add an image at a specific point BELOW and on the LOWER levels of the timeline, how can I do that? Right now any item I insert always lands at the very top of the timeline...yes I use the playhead but it doesnt place the image where I want it below...it places it on top then I have to drag it down myself and well it's annoying lol

Ren Gomez

Hi Yvan,

That's correct, any new item you insert will always land at the top of the timeline. I appreciate the added insight into what you'd like to see with choosing where to insert the object on the timeline. I'd be happy to pass your thoughts on to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request


I am trying to move three slides into the first slide, but paste them in the correct order (i.e., slide 2 content starts after slide 1 content, etc.). I moved the playhead, but everytime I paste the content pastes to the start of the timeline, not where the playhead is.

Any way to paste/combine slides into one slide where the content still plays in order? I do not want to use layers. The whole issue I'm trying to avoid is the abrupt change in a character when going from one slide or layer to another slide or layer when Published to Video.

EDIT: I figured it out...After pasting the content (i.e., Slide 2 into Slide 1), with the pasted content still highlighted, just click and drag over to the end of Slide 1's content. Duh..I was overcomplicating things.