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Jan 10, 2019

I cannot see the other paste options needed to format my objects. I am seeing the paste option in the PowerPoint slide deck that is my source, but then in storyline there are not all the options. A few days ago this was showing in Storyline. I have tried closing then reopening and restarting the computer, but other than that I am stuck and have not seen any other sources for assistance. 

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Taylor Anderson

I use Slide Team objects. They never have imported correctly. I always have had to copy and paste them over into articulate. Right now they are only able to be pasted as a picture, which then does not allow me to do any editing of the objects. I just really need to have the other paste options available. It directly effects my work time estimates on projects that I already have budgeted for with the way I have been creating content. It makes it so that I have to individually  over each layer or aspect of a group of objects over individually and the group and ungrouping does not work well when it can only be passed as a picture format. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Taylor, 

I'm sorry for the extra strain this is adding to your workload! Storyline won't have additional paste options when copying from PowerPoint and pasting in Storyline. 

You mentioned that those graphics never import correctly. Can you tell me more about that? What happens when you import that slide from PowerPoint into Storyline?

Taylor Anderson

When they import from PPT to Articulate the graphics and objects format over as a picture is the best thing that I can tell it as. This then eliminates the editing options that come with objects to adjust the color and other effects. When I attempt to edit them they do not change the shape but the background around the shape. This requires me to then delete all the objects in storyline and the copy and paste them back into articulate. 

Crystal Horn

Thanks for those details, Taylor.  It sounds like you downloaded a template from SlideTeam, and when you opened it in PowerPoint, each object correctly appeared as a shape that you could edit.  When you imported those slides from PowerPoint into Storyline, though, those same objects came through as an image file in the Storyline slide.

I did a test run with a free sample.  Storyline treated those slide objects the same way that PowerPoint did, and I was able to edit them:

Would you mind sharing your .PPT file with me?  With your permission, I can test importing it into Storyline on my end.  You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here.  I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting. 

One other note - it looks like you have a 360 Teams subscription which gives you access to lots of pre-built templates that are easy to insert into PowerPoint or Storyline!  

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