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Jul 19, 2012

Hi community,

I try to find a solution how to pause a layer in a slide.

I created my own navigation on the master slide with previous, next and pause/play.

The pause button has a trigger that shows the "play" layer (this is in the master slide too).

This play layer holds a button which hides this layer.

So this works very well for the base layer. But when using more layer on my normal slide, the pause layer hides all other layers instead of pausing them.

So I tried to add the same funcitonality in the feedback master for having a master for my layers. but unfortunately, this doesn't work.

Do you have any ideas?



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Stephan Sinka

It's sad when you reply to yourself but it finally sunk in, YES you can pause a layer's timeline by jumping to another layer provided you have enabled "When revisiting, Resume saved state" on the properties of original layer you wish to pause, meaning Storyline will pause the timeline & save the state when you leave it only until you return and then the timeline starts immediately! A few additional points worth noting,
You need to create a separate pause layer for each layer you wish to pause if you want the participant to "return" directly to the paused layer rather than thru the slide's base layer. ( When you add a 'return' button to the generic pause layer the trigger should be set to "hide this layer" and a second trigger added to "show layer" specific to the one you paused/started from. If you use only the first trigger the participant will be returned to the base slide and have to find their own way back to the layer they paused but it will be waiting , saved /preserved in time.) You should also set propertiesof the generic pause layer to "hide other layers" and "prevent clicking on base layer", this will affect the conditions directly before the return button is chosen/used.

Hope that answers the original post.... Is there is a way to pause layers?

Yes, indeed!

And for the record this pauses all animations and videos and the timeline by just jumping away from the layer ( no separate triggers required).

Cheers and good storylining!!


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