Pause/play button trigger order

Oct 11, 2016

I have created the following triggers (see attached image)  for my pause/ play button for audio. I think the triggers might be in the wrong order as sometimes when I click it I have to click it twice for it to work and/or it sometimes ends up doing the opposite of what it's supposed to (toggles get back to front?) Help!


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Karin Pfister

False. The first state is showing the pause icon as the audio plays automatically.  You can check that storyline I sent you again and see what I mean, on some slides it is working correctly and others you have to click the pause button twice before it pauses. Then one time it somehow was exactly the opposite of what it was supposed to do. I have copied/ pasted the play pause button to my slides so it should be the same trigger order on all of them. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Karin

variables are global to the project so if you are using the same variable for multiple slides, whatever the toggle ends up on e.g. slide 1, then it will run the triggers based on that scenario  the next slide it comes to. That is why you are having to click twice on some slides to get the audio to play.

You could reset the playpause variable to false when timeline starts on each slide 


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