Pause/Resume Timeline Using Radio Buttons

Aug 04, 2017


Here's what I'm trying to achieve:

  • A set of text and question appears on the slide "Select your answer below".
  • I want the timeline to pause and "YES" or "NO" radio buttons appear.
  • After the learner chooses their answer, then timeline resumes and new content appears.

How would I design this? Captivate had a trigger "Pause timeline until learner clicks..."; wondering if SL has a similar trigger.

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Brian Allen

Agreed - 

Default triggers available include pause and resume timeline, it's just a question of how you trigger them. Probably a dozen ways you could choose to do it, all of them right depending on your course and needs.

Here's a reference that goes more in-depth on triggers:

With that being said, it may be just as easy to place your YES and NO radio buttons on a slide layer, and trigger that layer to show when you're ready for them to see the buttons. Set your slide layer properties to pause the base timeline, and hide the layer when you're ready to move on to new content.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

see attached update to your file.  It's very much smoke and mirrors. I find SL doesn't always play nicely with grouped items or grouped items with animations by paragraphs so I don't tend to use them.

In your file i removed the text boxes against the Yes/No radio buttons and added the Yes/no text directly to the rectangle shapes you had there. I also added the question text directly to the rectangle shape.

I've used shape overlays to hide/reveal the intro and outro text and added triggers to disable and enable the next button.

Hope this helps - otherwise as Brian said above you might be better using layers. 

Paul London

Hi Katie

I am coming in to this maybe a little too late for you. There are so many ways in SL to do things, and we all have our own ideas and preferences.

I like to keep things as simple as possible and for your story conditional triggers help to disable the next button and 'pause' / 'resume' timeline triggers.

I have added a version to show how to combine the objects on the timeline, with a couple of triggers. You can play around with the timings to change when things appear / disappear. Remember to adjust the 'pause timeline' time to pause after the yes / no buttons have appeared.

Hope this is of use.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Paul,

This thread is a bit dated, but I appreciate you chiming in to share your best advice. It could certainly help others that run across this thread in the future.

I see that you shared a file to help out as well and I just wanted to mention that many users find the .story file version more beneficial because they can dig in to see what you built vs looking at the finished result. If you're able to share that, it would be a great help :)

Thanks again for helping out!

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