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Nicole Legault

Hi Lauren,

If you go into the Player settings for the Storyline project and check off "Seekbar" under the "Controls" area, it will add a seekbar at the bottom of the slide that has a Pause/Play button on it. When you press this Pause button it will pause the slide and the sound.  Let me know if this solution works.

If not, it's possible to create your own Pause/Play button using various triggers, it will just require a little more effort than the abovementioned solution. Let me know!

Michelle Hubchen

Hi Lauren, I have come across your solution whilst looking to create a sound control bar. This is great thank you. I just have an added question to this, is there a possibility to set the Seekbar up so that I can drag the sound forward or drag it back to listen to a certain part if the audio?

Many Thanks


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

I'm not certain that Lauren is still subscribed to this thread - but if I understand your question and set up, using the seekbar will allow you to jump around the slide to where you've clicked and will control the audio and anything else on the slide. You wouldn't be able to separate these elements using the built in seekbar.