Pause SWF video in Storyline

Hello.  I am building custom controls within storyline to pause and play videos by inserting a pause and play button and adding a slide layer that pauses the base layer.  I have used this method in many of my past projects without an issue. 

For some reason my SWF video will not pause when I use my botton to display the slide layer that should be pausing the base layer.  Any ideas why?  Or how to correct this?

Thank you!

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Rita.

It looks like this issue has been tackled a few times before in our Community, so rather than recreate the conversation, I'll point you to the experts so that you can follow up with them, if needed:

Good luck with your project!

Rita Apt

Thank you, Justin.  Unfortunately I had already read these threads and they did not resolve my issue.  But I appreciate your assistance!

I am able to create custom pause/play buttons with a screen recording, but not a video file SWF format that I imported.  I only want to allow users to pause or play, so the video controls will not work for me because they allow users to fast forward.  I have set up multiple SWF files to play one after another to look like one seamless video and only want users to be able to pause and resume, something I set up with custom pause/play buttons.  I'm a bit baffled as to why I have no issue using my custom buttons utilizing a slide layer and pause base layer with the screen recordings and not my imported SWF files.