"Pause timeline on This Layer" pauses the timeline on every layer.

Hi, has anyone else run into this issue?

I have two layers, both have objects with exit animations, I pause their timelines before we reach those exit animations. When I click a button to show the other layer, whilst one is already open, it pauses both of them.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Richard Hill

For those looking for a work around...

A rather simple fix for this particular issue is to simply add a trigger for each paused layer to resume immediately after the pausing trigger.   I've fixed Cheifly's original code with a single trigger.

Hope this helps until!     

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Frederik,

When searching for discussions you may find older ones based on overall number of responses, users involved in the thread, how often it's been clicked on (in Google search), etc. So if you're unsure about a particular issue you are always welcome and encouraged to contact our Support Engineers directly here or start a new forum discussion as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Luke, 

I know we've gotten some feedback about the bug and feature request process not being at all transparent and how that can be frustrating for users. We have implemented a number of updates of Storyline 2 and you can see them all here within the release notes. 

The bugs that are included in a release fix are determined based on a number of factors such as involvement of the fix, impact that fix may have on other behavior, impact of the bug on customers and pain associated, the availability of work arounds, etc. It's a discussion our support team has with our QA and product team on a regular basis and based on feedback in Support cases and forum discussions we're able to adjust and reevaluate, so please continue to share your feedback and ways in which this impacts your workflow so that we can communicate that accurately. 

Rick Maranta

Hi, I am running into this issue with the Pause This Layer causing other layers to be paused as well which should not happen and it is a problem for me. I need to be able to allow other timelines to continue to run when I pause one timeline - that is why I used this feature. Obviously the "Pause This Layer" command does not work correctly and has not for sometime. If anyone on staff is monitoring this, can someone please look at this and provide a fix for this bug? I would really appreciate it. Can we move this up the priority list since it is a feature that just isn't working. I have attached a simple example of what I am running into. 

Rick Maranta

Thanks so much Richard for your sample. Unfortunately, this won't work for me. I need to be able to pause a timeline on a particular layer using a cue point within that timeline after it plays for a while without pausing other layers.  So in the PauseTimeLine layer in the example you sent me, there will be multiple pause points using cue points. If you try that in this example, the loop layer will stop. This technique here, where it pauses when the timeline starts and the main timeline restarts it would be great for applications but not in my case.

Mark Hall


This issue is present in Storyline 360 - latest version installed. When pausing the main timeline using a Cuepoint the timelines on all layers also stop. The only workaround I have found is to resume the timeline on the desired layers with another slide trigger, setup as when the main timeline reaches the same Cuepoint that paused the timeline resume the layers.

Makes managing and updating complicated setups really painful.

Can you ask your QA team to give us a detailed response to the question 'What is the current status and road map for this specific issue' - without any ambiguous answers please - direct and to the point - even if the answer is 'we haven't had the time and its low priority, expect another year'.

Would expect at least that when I just paid you $1000 to use the software .....


Paul Penichet

I feel you @chief regarding this problem.

I am programming a game for a really trascendent client and, in the way it was giving me troubles, one of the solutions posted here solved it.


But sadly the "Pause timeline in this layer"  affects all slides.

The only way to solve it so far, is to call the actions/layers/animations after the main timeline stops, that way the layer is not affected by the "Pause timeline in this layer" action.