Pausing a slide until an action is perfomed.

May 28, 2014

Hi everyone, I'm a new user to Storyline and I am hoping there is a simple resolution to this issue that I just haven't found.

I have inserted a few Trigger actions on rectangles (basically a pseudo button) but the actions occur in the middle of a timeline. Sometimes more than 1 trigger on the same timeline. What's happening is that the timeline continues and unless the action(s) are performed while the rectangle is visible, the action is lost when the timeline passes it.

Is anyone familiar with what I'm trying to accomplish and have a solution?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom and welcome to Heroes!

If you have an object on your timeline that isn't available for the entire length of the timeline the click triggers associated with that object will only work when the object is able to be clicked on. Instead of using the timeline to hide the object, what about adding an additional trigger that when clicked the state of the object changes to hidden? You'll need to set up this additional state for each object, but I think it would give you the behavior it sounds like you need. Here is a tutorial on working with states to get you started. 

Tom Koty

Here's the sample file. I've removed the audio and reduced the number of slides, but it has the interactions I need advice on.


Slide 1 - Auto-advance
Slide 2 - Rectangle User Advance Trigger from 5 sec to 12.7 sec (Uncheck Box)
S3 - Rectangle User Advance Trigger from 0 sec to 4 sec (Close button)
S4 - Auto-advance
S5 - Rectangle User Advance Trigger from 13.5 sec to 16.5 sec (File)
S6 - Rectangle User Advance Trigger from 4 sec to 7 sec (Menu selection)
S7 - Auto-advance

Thank you for offering to help.

Meryem M

Tom, I was not able to open your sample file (it says it is an unknown file type), but I have a suggestion for you to try.

I love using shapes off the stage to make things happen "on stage."  In the example that I have attached I have done three things.

  • I put two rectangles off stage and each comes in at a different place on the timeline.  
  • I put triggers on those rectangles to open a layer "when the timeline starts on Rectangle."  This way, I can time when a layer automatically opens.
  • In the Layer settings, choose the option to pause the timeline of the base layer.  Bingo!  Everything stops while your learner preforms the action you want.  Then you need to add a trigger to close the layer.  

With these simple tricks, you can start and stop your timeline while you wait for other action. In my sample file, I stopped the timeline twice in the first three seconds.   Look at the other options in the layer properties to see some useful choices. You may want to keep the ability for the user to click objects on the base layer while the timeline is paused.

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