Using images in Matching Drag and Drop quiz

Oct 19, 2016

Hi, I have a training course where when you click on certain icons, they trigger certain actions. Eg: Home icon triggers you to the Home page. I am trying to create a quiz to identify correct icons with their respective actions. For this, I want to have images on the left side and actions triggered on the right side. The user needs to match the correct image to the respective action. I want to create this using drag and drop. Read many posts on Converting to free form type of quizzes but am thoroughly confused! Pls help!

On the example, I want to drag the home icon to match the respective action, i.e. go to the home page.

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Susi B


this is pretty simple. Just build all the symbols and text boxes you want to match. Then go to insert>convert to freeform and choose drag&drop.


Now you can go to from view (1) and choose your drag (2) and drop(3) elements. This means you can drag the items onto the drop, if you want to do it like that.

In the drag and drop options (4) you can choose wheter

> your drag item goes back to its starting point when it´s dopped outside a drop target

> how to arrange the dragged items above the drop target

> allow only one item to be dragged on one drop target

> etc.

Shuffle (5) is pretty good for randomizing the order of the drag items. And I think what attempts (6) does is obvious. :) An alternative I like to do in this kind of quiz you can see here:


If I have to match an icon to a text I don´t use this text to be the drop target, but insert an empty space where the drop item (icon) has to be dropped. So you still can read the text and know where to put the icons. You could also insert drop correct and drop incorrect states for instant feedback when its dropped or if you choose when they click on the sending button. I prever to let them drag the items and see instant if its right or wrong and don´t use the send button at all.

Hope this helps. Any questions just ask. :)


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