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Steve Flowers

Hi, Yves - 

Take a look at this demonstration. This implements a video synchronized with the base timeline overlayed with a sequence of hotspots / objects. When clicked, these objects open a layer with specific feedback. The properties of this layer pause the base layer. See the gear icon next to the layer in the layers panel. When the layer opens it stops everything on the base timeline. When the layer closes all goes back to normal.

Yves Pelletier

Steve, thanks to your demonstration I found my problem...sort of. In my Slide Layer Properties I had the box that says "Hide objects on base layer" checked off. If I uncheck the box it works.

Now my next question is how to make it work while not showing the video on the base layer and showing the top layer?

Steve Flowers

It looks like you "can" hide the video from the base layer using the "hide objects on base layer" as well as the base layer visibility controls on the timeline while in a layer. The timeline / playhead for the video starts over Might be worth a feature request. Seems like it should be possible to control the visibility of a video object without affecting its playhead.