Triggers not working in Articulate 360

Hi everyone,

I'm using Articulate 360 - love it.

In one of the slides of a course a video is played on a separate layer. On that layer, I have hidden two buttons to simulate a quiz question. When the timeline reaches a certain point, the buttons become visible and the video pauses. The user selects a button, then a feedback layer appropriate to their answer appears. When they click 'continue' on the feedback layer, it takes them back to the video layer and triggers the hiding of the buttons (via a change of state trigger) and a resume video.

This all works nicely in preview within Articulate 360 and on Articulate 360 review, but when I publish as Scorm 2004 v4 and upload to our LMS, it doesn't work properly. What happens is that the when they go back to video, it doesn't resume and the buttons don't hide. The user can resume the video by clicking it but they can't hide the buttons.

Can anyone help?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi David

Articulate 360 preview and review are displaying the html5 version of the file - which file is your LMS accessing the flash or html5 version?

One way to check if it is a SL or LMS issue is to upload and test in SCORM cloud (industry standard LMS) - this will let you know where to look to troubleshoot.

Wendy Farmer

Hi David

yes trigger order is important but shouldn't account for it working in preview or review but not in the LMS.

hope you get it sorted out.

Also just to let you know when you respond via email all your email details are displayed - you can edit the post from within the forum if you'd like to.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there David!

You mentioned that most of the issue is fixed - is there something else that is still giving you trouble? If so, feel free to share your file here, and we'll be happy to take a look. You also have the option of sending it to our Support Engineers here, if you'd rather not share it publicly. 

Dave Lewis

Just ran across this thread as we are experiencing issues with an email trigger.   We have 3 triggers on the final slide; send email, exit course & restart course. The exit and restart work fine but the email trigger actually closes the course.  This was a module I just updated from SL2 to 360 and republished in our LMS (in scorm 1.2).  Just tested in SCORMCLOUD and the email trigger worked correctly. I even used the same brower (Chrome) for both LMS and SCORMCLOUD tests.  So, I'm assuming an LMS issue?  If so, can you give me more information about how the trigger works on the backend and/or what I should ask our LMS vendor so we can better identify the potential issue.