Storyline Mailto links not working in Chrome

In Chrome, when I click on any Mailto links in a published course using Storyline, the new email opens using Outlook but the course window closes. I created these Mailto links using the built in trigger wizard and they work fine with Internet Explorer. I tested this on a couple of machines and also took it out of my LMS and put it up on the scorm cloud where I experienced the same issue. I tested general mailto links including two that I found in the forums and they worked fine.

Is this a known issue or something with my configuration in Storyline and the mailto triggers on how it behaves with Chrome?


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Di Kin

Thanks, Dave, for the message.
It seems the problem was in Chrome. The course in which the error was used has been used for several months. Today I checked it and now the trigger works as expected. I did not make a new version of the course. Developers LMS also did not solve this problem. I have the course 2004 v2.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

I'm sorry to hear you're still running into such trouble - but it's good that you were able to isolate it down to a few factors. I don't know much about Cornerstone, but since it works in SCORM Cloud I'd suggest reaching out to your LMS admin or IT team to see if they can weigh in.

Lastly you may want to double check if Chrome is running the Flash or HTML5 output and see if there is any difference there.