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Nov 20, 2014

Hi heroes!

Let's suppose I have a single slide with a long video (I have, but just suppose... :P )

What if I want the video to resume exactly where I left off? Is it possible?
Up to now, I could only imagine dividing the video into several slides.

Moreover, is it possible to resume a specific layer, or resuming involves only the base layer?

Thanks in advance!

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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Mauro

this is just in time question. I was testing today the same issue on our LMS. I hope it helps you in any way.

With resume option set to ALWAYS, a video on the main slide and some text on the layers I left the course being on the second layer with a text. After reopening the course, video started to play, so it's resuming the base layer.

If you have a long video, I guess the best solution would be (as you suggested) to split it to several slides.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amber,

You could look at adding a trigger " pause media (select your video) when user does X" such as clicking on a new layer image, or using the next button. You'd also then need a trigger or option for the user to restart the media upon returning to that layer or slide. 

Also, this trigger is specific to user interactions on the slide and won't be able to evaluate if a user has just closed out of the browser window for example. 

Mauro Gaiotto

Hi Amber!

First of all I'm using Storyline 2, so I don't know if they've found a solution to this limit in Story 3. 

The only way I found to solve this issue is to create an "exit slide".

- Set the slide with your video to Resume saved state.

- Within this slide, create a link to another slide that the user is forced to click. Something like "Save and exit".

- In this "exit slide", create a message like "Close the lesson or click here to resume video".

If the user click the Resume video button, then he/she comes back to the main slide and the video resume where left off.

This seems a bit tricky, but if you just rely on the resumed saved state, the video will always starts from the beginning.


This method is useful if you need to track user activity and he/she has to watch everything.

What are you trying to achieve?  


Amber Davis

I'm using S2. The end users are exiting the course browser before viewing all of the videos, I want the videos they've viewed to remain in a custom viewed state when they resume the course via the LMS.

There are 14 images on the base layer that trigger 14 different video slide layers. The user clicks on the image on the base layer which triggers them to view the video on the slide layer. Once they've viewed all of the videos a trigger allows them to complete the quiz slide. The problem is when they log back into the LMS and resume the course, the videos they've viewed restart instead of resuming. 

Mauro Gaiotto
Amber Davis

I moved them to slides but now the custom state is not appearing after the variable has changed (trigger: change image to custom state after the media completes). 

Variables are global, so they can potentilly affect every object of the story.
The logic is clear, but can you report here the syntax used?

Moreover, where have you exactly placed the trigger? Have you tried setting the variable change on the slide, instead of a specific object?

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