Pausing audio with multiple layers - Storyline 360

Sep 13, 2017


Hopefully, I'll be able to explain this clearly.

My base layer has audio and also has  3 tabs, which also contains audio.

Base layer - Base_Audio 1

Tab 1: Tab_audio_1

Tab 2: Tab_audio_2

Tab 3: Tab_audio_3

At the end of the base layer audio, the learner is invited to click on each tab.

What I want is the following:

Learner clicks on Tab 1, therefore, Tab_audio_2 and Tab_audio_3 don't play, and the same behavior for Tab 2 and Tab 3.

When I try to add a trigger to Pause or Stop the audio (audio of Tab 2 and 3) when on Tab 1, I don't see the audio files...

What am I missing?

Many thanks,






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Julie Frappier

I thought I made it work... Not so sure anymore. I got to make the audio on the tab to stop when clicking between tabs, but sometime the seekbar will stop in the middle of the audio, but the audio is still going on..  any thoughts?

When having multiple audio (one on the base layer, and others on several tabs), where should they be all located? All on the base layer ? Or each one to its own layer ?





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