Pausing the timeline, Without requiring user interaction

Apr 22, 2013


I have been looking into using Articulate Storyline to create systems training. So far so good, but now I'm a bit stuck.

I have inserted a screen recording video using the "step-by-step - View mode Steps" method. I would like the timeline to pause at a certain point so the learner can have time to take in some additional information before continuing.

Any suggestions how I can pause the timeline (without the need for the user to trigger the pause)?


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Helen Tyson

Hi Kevin

The easiest way to pause the slide timeline is to open a layer, and in order to trigger it at a certain point in the timeline follow these steps:

  • Add a shape and move it off the slide into the grey area of the screen
  • Adjust the starting point of this shape by dragging it to the right within the timeline
  • Create a new layer and add your additional information to it, and also a way of closing the layer
  • Create a trigger that shows the layer when the timeline of the shape starts
  • In the layer properties make sure your layer pauses the timeline of the base layer

See the example on slide one of this quick sequence

Hope this helps,


Robert Miller

I didn't need off-stage objects to pause a Layer timeline without user participation.

CONTEXT: On top of my base layer I created different layers that are invoked according to a user-informed variable. When the user is then sent to one of those layers, the timeline stops until the user selects a button which sends them to a different Scene.

To get the timeline to auto stop, on the layer:

1. TRIGGER: Set up a trigger to pause the timeline at a Cue point.

2. SLIDE LAYER PROPERTIES: select these:

Hide other slide layers.

Allow Seeking: NO.

Present as: LAYER.

Prevent user from clicking other layers.

Pause timeline of base layer.

When revisiting: Reset to Initial State.