Pausing Timeline on Revisit

Jan 14, 2020

Good morning, Articulate Community!

I spent quite a bit of time last night trying to resolve an issue, and I'm no closer to a solution. I'm hoping someone out there is smarter than me and can help! Here's the issue: I have three icons set on a main slide that allow the learner to jump to other slides, regardless of whether all the audio has played on the main slide. Once they get to one of these three other slides, they have the option to go back to the main slide. The problem is, I've tried all sorts of triggers and settings to pause the timeline on that slide so that the audio doesn't just start playing wherever they left off when they return to the main slide. Nothing is working. 

First, let me say that the main slide is set to resume saved state. Then I put a trigger on each icon to pause the timeline on the slide when the user clicks the icon. This appears above the "jump to" trigger in the trigger panel. That does not work--and this was the obvious one that should have worked (in my mind). I tried creating a variable that would adjust when the learner clicked the icon and pause the timeline. That did not work. I tried creating layers to pause the timeline on the base layer, but this is problematic, and still doesn't work as I'd like.

Interestingly enough, when I searched in the community last night, the only post returned was this discussion post from four years ago--that I posted! There was no answer there, so I'm clearly in a time warp and back to four years ago. (Though I'm using the built-in player this time.) Can anyone save me???

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Phil Mayor

I don't think a a slide resumes paused.

To stop the audio I would create a variable (audioSlideNumber#??) set to flase

Add the audio to a layer instead of the base layer, add a trigger on this layer to adjust your variable to true.

Add trigger on base layer to shaw audio layer if your variable is equal to false

Should only ever play once

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