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May 18, 2015


I work with translated files in up to 17 languages on a daily/weekly basis. My problem is that once the files are uploaded to LMS, complaints are received that the pdfs in the Resource link cannot be found.  I read a post a while back that pdf names should not have spaces and underscores should be used.

This is really time-consuming for me as you can imagine with so many languages (the pdfs are not generated by me but are sent by each country translator).

Sometimes there can be at least 5 or 6 pdf attachments for each language.

Is there anything that can be done to ease my pain?!!  Solutions gratefully received.

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Tex Hale

Hi Phil

Each language has its own folder so the pdfs don't get moved around from last publishing time. I download them from the emails and they are put in the appropriate folders - they never get moved from those folders.

When I look in the "external files" in the published course the pdfs are all included and visible. So I don't understand how the link can be severed.

Thanks anyway Phil.  I will have to continue using underscores to each one until the "bug" is fixed.


Evelyn Hamm

Hello Phil

You wrote that there is known a bug. Do you have a bug number which I can transmit the storyline support? I opened a support case regarding that. #00917269

In the version history for Update 11 is written: "Fixed issue where file attachments wouldn't be saved in the Storyline project file prior to publishing"

So in my opinion this bug should be fixed with this entry in the version history, or does anyone know what other issue should have been meant?

We are working together with many instructional designers, so that the source is published from many different PCs. The problem (with the missing PDFs) could be solved with adding the single PDFs also to the resource tab, but some customers of ours don't want a resource tab in the player, so we are still searching for a solution.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Evelyn!

Thanks for mentioning that you are working with our support team. This thread and Phil's comment is a bit dated and would have been prior to the latest update where we list the issue as fixed.

I do see that you are working with Cleo in your support case. 

I'm seeing the same issue you are reporting and will make note in the case as well.

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