Issues with pdf not opening up in Storyline

Sep 15, 2021


I have a course that needed a pdf changed and reloaded into Storyline 360. It looked like everything was good to go but when I uploaded it to the LMS, I got an error message and no one can access the pdf. Also, Adobe and Articulate are up-to-date. Other pdfs in the course that were uploaded prior to yesterday, work fine.

I also tried to view the pdf in Review, and received the following error: Your file couldn't be accessed.

I had someone else convert the file from Word to pdf, uploaded his file and received the same errors.

Is there an issue today with adding pdfs?

Thank you for your help!

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Becca Levan

Hi Heather!

Sorry if this is slowing you down. Happy to help!

  • Do you see the PDF in the Player Resources:

Also, I'd recommend testing your course in SCORM Cloud to see if you get the same error. Keep me posted!