PDF opening up in a different window from my module (But only in the LMS)

Apr 30, 2021

Hi Everyone, 

When I launch my module in the LMS (Cornerstone) a popup blocked message comes up. I proceed to select the "launch course" button and the module opens in a new window. All good.
In the module, if I select a button that is set up to open a PDF (Action Open URL/File), the pdf opens in the old Window.

This does not happen in 360 review. The pdf would open up in a new tab of the existing window. 

Any thoughts?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Elizabeth!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like you're wanting the PDF to open in the same browser you're viewing the course in. 

You can do this by making sure the Launch player in a new window is not checked. Here's a screenshot of this setting in the Player Properties.

Let me know if this does the trick!

Lauren Connelly

Thank you for sharing your file, Elizabeth! I've tested the course in SCORM cloud, and I noticed the PDF was opened in another browser window. We can change this in the Launch Behavior settings in your LMS. This setting should be set to Frameset so that additional files/links open in the same browser window.

Here's a screenshot of this setting in SCORM cloud: Link.

Elizabeth Berger

Hi Lauren, so this worked perfectly in Chrome and in Edge when I made your suggested change in the Scorm cloud. Thanks! When I passed this on to my Cornerstone administrator, she said that she does not have the ability within the LMS to control PDF launching behaviour. What's your thoughts on that? Is there anything else I should consider changing within the storyline file itself? I'm stumped! Thanks so much for your help. 

Elizabeth Berger

Thanks for the help Lauren. Here's what I learned. 

In the Trigger Wizard, click on the browser options, change the window size to Full. This fixes the issue of the e-learning minimizing (disappearing) into the background when the user closes the pdf.

To open a pdf within the same window, we can adjust the html code. A few more steps if you don’t have coding background (me) but very effective.