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Apr 26, 2018


I am working with a client where we have uploaded 6 PDF documents into the resources tab. When we publish to Web, all documents open. However, when we publish for LMS, only 5 of the documents open. The document that wont open generates an Object not found! message.

Can anyone provide any guidance on how to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.  

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Walt Hamilton

First troubleshooting step is as Trevor suggested; make sure the file is making it to the zip folder.

Next is to make sure the file is making it to the LMS.

If you have an excessively long path of file name, there is at least a slight possibility that when the LMS adds its overhead to the file name it becomes too long, and the LMS won't save it. It's also certainly possible that the LMS has some restriction on funny characters in the file name that the Web server doesn't. Be ruthless about keeping short file names using only letters, numbers and _ if you want to be completely safe in all circumstances.

Andrew Miskell


thanks very much for your help.

All files are making it to the zip and appear in the external files folder. However it seems strange that of the 6 pdf's, 5 open and 1 doesn't. The one that doesn't does not have the longest file name.

All the file names contain only characters as Walt describes and nothing unusual.

Thanks again and have a good day.  



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