PDF's in Resources constantly disappearing!!!


I have a very frustrating issue. A lot of my modules have resource documents, and they constantly seem to disappear when I republish the file.

I add them in and publish the file, upload to our LMS and they are working fine. A few weeks or a month may go by and I reopen the storyfile to update a bug, typo etc and republish the story file and upload to the LMS only to find the resources are no longer there. This happens continuously on all my files.

I often publish and zip the file and check under the story_content folder and normally there should be a folder saying External files and its no longer there.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? and why does it continually happen??


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Pierre Jouan


I think I have the exact same problem.

Resources are still NOT included in the story file even with SL360 ?

We've been republishing many, many files last year because of the end of Flash support and we did it from various locations (we split source files between us and copied them on our laptops).

So there are great chances that nearly all those projects miss their resources, right?