Percentage complete and score


I wonder if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?

My LMS platform gives me these options:

I have 42 slides in unit 1, and a quiz.

I have to set the course to slides completed to get the 'complete' status.

However, what I want is:

A percentage score in 'My score' and then I want to know how far through the unit I am in the status.

Is this possible?!

Thank you in advance!


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Alexandros Anoyatis

At this point, it may be a lot of things, so I can only speculate, unfortunately.

Are you sure you have you published your Storyline course for LMS? Which LMS are you using? Have you previously ran "Unit 1"? Are you using a results slide in that Unit?

The expected behavior for your "Unit 1" is to have the "Incomplete" label and show 0% as the score (until you start answering the questions contained in the unit - or pass it).