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Jul 19, 2012


I'm looking to create a personality style inventory in Storyline, but am a bit confuzzled by variables.  Can anyone help point me in the right direction?


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Mike Enders

Hi  James,

I recently played around with this idea (I love me some psychological inventories!).  It can be accomplished several ways, but one method is to combine variables and pick many questions.  Here's a screenr I shot to explain:

Here's a link to the tutorials on building a counter with variables:

I hope this helps!


PS. I've attached the .story file for your review!

Mike Enders


A pick one format could work in a similar manner where you are incrementing a variable based upon what the user chooses.  

Can you explain a little about "the assessment tool questions only offer two choices per question".  Are you referring to the built-in Storyline question types?  Because those would offer more than just two choices.



Erin Gratton

Hi James, I'm trying to do almost the exact same thing - although the assessment is set up with two different choices per question. I set it up as a pick one, following all the variables from your example. For some reason, I cannot get my results to appear. I've attached my example. If you're able to take a look and provide feedback, that would be great! (It's not "pretty" - I'm just going for functionality).

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