Phantom audio playing

Jun 18, 2020


I have an unwanted audio playing in my Storyline file.

I deleted every pages and masters and the audio still plays when previewing within Storyline and Review 360.

Even the media library show no linked media or audio.

Am I missing something?



btw, how come my Storyline file is blank and still weights 133mbs?

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Martin S


Thank you both for your help.

The save as trick work for file size, I guess I will have to save as every now and then to lower my 2gb storyline files.

As for the audio, great thinking for the cache issue, I already tried on another fresh browser and still hear the audio. I also tried in incognito mode this morning and I can hear the audio.

I previously also tried with a different computer and the same problem occured.

I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling Articulate 360 and I can't hear the audio in my test file anymore, but the audio is still there in my main file, even after a save as which lowered the file size.

I finally found a workaround, which leads me to think there is a glitch the way Storyline deals with audio and triggers on master slides: I had an audio played via a trigger on master slide A, but it also played on master slide B, C, D and every other masters I would create. I simply turned it off and copied the audio directly on each of my 20 slides or so.

Thanks everyone for your help.


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