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Aug 09, 2016

Hi heroes


I have a course in which I need to track completion by learners having arrived at a certain slide. Having done so they can then exit the course by clicking an icon.


I've set this up by having a 'submit interaction' trigger on the relevant slide. the trigger fires when the slide timeline starts. There's a results slide attached to interaction. Also on the relevant slide is an exit button.


The course is set up to track as 'passed/incomplete'.


All this seems very logical to me, but the course shows as incomplete and success unknown and I can't see why. What am I missing?


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Crystal Horn

Katherine- I'll advise the same thing as Wendy.  For results to be sent to the LMS, the user must land on the results slide.  You can "fake" them not landing on the results slide by making the slide look the same as the slide before and having an extremely short timeline.  I did a quick example on yours where I changed some triggers around to "jump to Results slide when user clicks the X" and then on the Results slide, under the "submit results" trigger (and the order here is important) another trigger to "exit course when timeline ends."  I shortened the timeline on the results slide.  You can modify that, but hopefully that'll produce the results you need (no pun intended).  :)

Here's a helpful article from our knowledge base, as well, regarding submitting course completion.

Katherine Redfern

Update to this: I used your updated version, Crystal, with the learner landing on the results slide. Scormcloud still shows it as both incomplete and success unknown.

Is there a minimum time the LMS/scormcloud needs to register the slide has been viewed. I gave it 6s - but this is still reporting as incomplete/success unknown.

Crystal Horn

Hey again, Katherine. Don't be super embarrassed-- I actually didn't take a very good look at your 3.1 Finale slide.  It is set up as a question slide, but in the Form View, I don't see any correct choices selected. Since this isn't really a "question," maybe the correct choice should be the "X" in the lower right corner?

Doing so, I changed the "submit" interaction to when the user clicks that X, and I made sure that trigger was above "jump to results slide." When I tested in SCORM Cloud, I was able to get a complete/passed score.

Sorry for the confusion! It's all in the details... :)

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