Picture slideshow in articulate storyline

Jul 09, 2013

Hi to all,

i'd like to add a small picture slideshow to one of my slides where 5 pictures will change every 5 seconds (and will continue to change as long as the learner don't press the next button).

I've tried working with layers, states, timelines...but didn't manage to do it properly.

Any suggestions?


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Michael Hinze

In its simplest form, you could stagger the images on the timeline as shown below. You could also adjust the length of time each pic is displayed, so that one goes away when the next one comes in. Then add one slide trigger that jumps back to the same slide at the end of the timeline.  This loop would work until the user clicks the next button.

Antony Snow

Hi Olivier,

I think the attached achieves what you are trying to do.

I have set the duration of each of my 4 images to 5 seconds on the timeline and have them appearing one after the other (I have added a fade in and fade out animation to each to make the transition from one image to the next a bit smoother).

The key to starting the slide show again if the user hasn't clicked on the 'Next' button is to select the last image (in my example it is the desert picture) and add a trigger to jump to the same slide when the timeline of the image ends.


Olivier Nourry

Hi Michael and Anthony, and thanks for your help!

I should have specified that i also want to include text + audio on that slide, text that don't appear straight at the beginning of the slide, but elements that appears progressively while the narrator is speaking...

I've tried these kinds of solutions but i have a problem when i jump to the same slide as the audio and the text start again from the beginning...

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