Piracy concerns (Are Storyline stories encrypted?)

Oct 03, 2013


I´m currently creating a language course and the company is investing quite a lot in stock photos, web design, etc. We are planning to deliver the course with an authenticated URL through  a subscription based website, enabling only subscribed users to access the authenticated links to our flash, HTML5 and Ipad App courses. The authenticated links will expire shortly, stopping users from copying the link and "sharing" the courses.

From analyzing the output folder of the published Storyline projects I see that there are a few .swf files some JS files that probably connect everything together. (I might be wrong, I´m not a programmer). 

My concern is how well encrypted are the published Storyline stories to protect them from decompilers?

Or are they encrypted at all?

If not, what solution should I look into to protect the published stories from decompilers accessing the .swf files and sharing them.

I really appreciate your help Heroes

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sarfaraz attari

Thanks for your reply Leslie!

But I want my customers to use my learning content offline. That means, My customer will download the elearning content and they will applying a code (or anything else to lock the content to the very computer so that my customer cant use them in other computer). I am worried whether I can do all these with Articulate or Articulate can provide any better offline security so that all my customers who cant access internet all the time can use my learning content.

Waiting for soonest response!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fabio,

This thread is much older, so I'm not certain Phil is subscribed (although he's still a regular here in the forums). If you've loaded the course up in an LMS, likely the user needs to sign in to access the course, so if they're able to sign in on another device, they could download it there as well to the mobile player. If you're publishing for HTML5, the users will need to load up in HTML5 each time so that may likely be the way to ensure they don't download it. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Diego, 

I'd pose that question to your LMS to see what they have in terms of encryption or functions to stop users from downloading files. There isn't anything built into Storyline or Rise's published output to prevent (or allow) a user to download the SCORM or source files (source files also aren't included in published output).

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