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Dec 08, 2016


I have an image of a plane. I want it to act like a compass. 

I have 3 destinations. I would like the plane image to point to each of the corresponding destinations when i hover over the destination. And when I hover out, I would like the plane to pivot back to its original state. (behave like a compass)

I would like the transition to be smooth and not just a jump/instant effect.

There is no pivot action in the motion path. 

Does anyone know how to do that? 

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ahssan moshref

Hi Brian,

unless I am overlooking something. you can't animate the states ( with the exception of importing different graphics or animated GIF)  But even then they are not as smooth. Unless I create 6 states... Thanks for the idea. I will give that a shot.

It is too bad a pivot animation is not included in the motion path presets.


ahssan moshref

Thanks Ashley. I understood that from Brian's email.  But to make the transitions smooth

I would have to add 6 states. The plain points to 3 destinations so 1 animation for point to the destination and one for moving back to its original state ( which is the reverse). x3

Unfortunately there is not reverse animation option on mouse roll out - correct?

So .... yep...   :)


Anna Michael

Late to the party here, but I had a similar need recently and could only find this post on it. This may be a bit of an extreme measure to use to solve your problem but hopefully other folks with issues pivoting will find it useful. Basically, I needed to make a book fall over on it's side and slide across the ground. I managed to make it work by doing the following:

  1. Have two copies of your object (we'll say A and B).
  2. Give object A a quarter spin exit animation. Make sure now that it happens at the speed you want. It'll be a lot more work to change later on.
  3. Rotate and place object B so that it lines up with A just as A disappears. This can be done quickly using the Arrange and Align area of the Format tab.
  4. For this part, you'll need a screen capture tool that can make a GIF. I use Snagit. Capture and save a GIF of objects A and B doing their thing (you may need to tweak some settings to make sure the motion isn't choppy).
  5. Size and position the GIF on your slide. With a good screen capture tool, you shouldn't see much/any drop in quality.
  6. Give it a motion path animation in tandem with the movement of the object in the GIF to create that "on a hinge" mobility.

It's tricky to get the positioning and timing correct, and overall the whole process took me a good 25 minutes the first time, but for now this is as close as I've been able to get to pivoting an image around a corner. Hopefully an update in the future will give us this ability.

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