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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elliott and Gary!

Objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output. As a result, they may not appear as crisp in HTML5 as they do in Flash if you set the player to scale to fill the browser. To avoid scaling and reduction in image quality, we recommend locking your course player at optimal size.

Tip: Because objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output, they may look blurry or pixelated in zoom regions.

Ell O

Hi Leslie,

I found that the issue only affected the default Android browser but worked fine in Android chrome browser.

I will just communicate to my clients that this is the favoured browser on Android.

I have also found that a blank variable makes the font super sharp which is another option.

For example, creating a variable called "TextFix" and having %TextFix% at the end of paragraph fixes it (Although it does look slightly different to normal anti alaised text as it is sharper.

This is all using Arial as well.

Many thanks,