Placing a Storyline course unit in a Joomla Article

May 29, 2012

Hello all I was just wondering if anyone knows how to place a web export of storyline into a Joomla content article? 

Any ideas such as using iframes and how to do it would be welcome.

Just a week into Articulate and loving it already!


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Bruno Costa Teixeira


Thanks for the tips!

It would be great to develop an entire course within Joomla.

I know that the Moodle platform is more complete, but I believe that Joomla is much easier and pleasant to use, from the student point of view.

My question is: When inserting SCORM in Joomla, the "memory" of what the student did in the storyline screen (as answers to a quiz, for example) is recorded? I mean, Is it possible to record the student progress, when I load the Storyline within Joomla?

Thanks again!

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