Plain rectangular buttons

Jan 30, 2013

How do you create super simple rectangular plain buttons ?

No gradient, no rounded corners, no drop shadow, plain and simple !

Selected solid fill, still applies a gradient - see attached screen dump.

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Paul. 

A few ways to do that. If you're happy with the states of the button and you don't need an icon on the button, here's what I'd do.

  1. Draw a button and draw a shape (rectangle with square corners). Use the Format Painter tool to copy the states and colors from the button to the shape. This'll essentially turn your shape into a button. You could create the states manually. I just find it's easier to copy from an existing shape.
  2. Select the gradient fill and remove one of the stops. For both stop 1 and stop 2, set the color to the same selection. This is still a gradient but it's the same color at both ends


Will Bladon


Thats really weird- never even noticed you cant have 'gradient free' buttons.

Not an answer to your question- as I cant work it out either, but maybe you could just insert a simple square shape, with solid no gradient fill colour, and then add a trigger, so when this shape is clicked it would do an action. I think you can assign any action to any shape- so while it wouldnt be one of the built in buttons, you could achieve everything a 'proper' button can do with your bog standard square shape. Thus getting around this problem.

Hope that helps

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