Play audio file when drag and drop interaction completes

Mar 17, 2015

I have a drag and drop interaction during which the narration should pause so as for the user to drag and drop the objects to the correct box and once s/he completes correctly the interaction, the narration continues. I created two audio files and I set variables to each layer which shows the correct feedback. Then I set a slide trigger: Play audio B when audio A completes if the variables a+b+c are true. This works if I drag and drop before audio A completes but If I audio A completes and then drag and drop, nothing happens.

How can I solve this?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Dimitra,

Using the when media ends trigger is not working in this situation because the media would end before the variables change, which is why it works only if you drag before the media ends,

You can add a trigger to each layer to play the media when clicking the rectangle if the conditions are met.

See attached for reference. Hope this helps!

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