Drag and Drop interaction - multiple correct drop targets?

Apr 10, 2014

I have a Storyline drag and drop interaction which requires the user to drag an item to a drop target... Is there a way to allow for two correct answers?  For example..  Item A can be placed in either Drop A or Drop B, but not Drop C? 

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Pat,

I created the attached a while back to answer a similar question. It's not pretty, just functional

The tiny ovals were representing sensors that needed to be placed appropriately on a "person", and in this example that meant the person's right hand or right foot, where the "target" rectangles are. Neither sensor should be placed on the chest or the left thigh (in real life this would of course be different...this was just a mockup to show how this could be done).

The thing was, either sensor could be placed on either target. So Oval 1 could go on the foot or the hand, and the same with oval 2.

Each oval has a Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect State. Take a look at the Triggers panel to see how the ovals' states are triggered

Instead of a Drag and Drop, I used a Pick One Freeform. The "correct" rectangle = the correct answer. Notice the additional triggers in the trigger panel that change the state of the Correct rectangle to selected if both ovals - Drop Correct, or the state of the Incorrect rectangle to selected if either of the ovals = Drop Incorrect.

It's a LOT to chew on, so please shout out with any questions! Oh, and there's a link to the original thread in the notes section.

denis.ohara@element.com O Hara

I've been working on an interaction similar to this using a lot more drag and [hidden] drop items. I need to make sure that only one drag item can exist in a drop target at any single time, or at least you don't get a correct answer if you have two sharing a space.

Using the example you have here - if you drag both numbers to the foot you get a correct answer and it's obviously wrong.   Anyway around this.  I've been trying to sort this for a few days now. 

denis.ohara@element.com O Hara

Because I have multiple drag items that can be associated with several drop targets, I've had to use the free form Drag and Drop. This stops the above function from working. My big problem is that if you have all the drag items in the correct place then move one onto another correct target you still get the correct answer when you click submit... [this is hard to explain]

I've attache an example of my file and a small video. Please note my final project will use hidden targets and no tick signs !

I have also used the free form pick one method but still run into the same problem.

Big Thanks for all your help on this !

Walt Hamilton


Try this.

One of the biggest problems seemed to be the DroppedCorrect and DroppedIncorrect states. Built-in states have their own built-in triggers, and I couldn't reset them using a trigger. Once I used custom states, it went a lot better.

Only Plus 1 works, I didn't change Plus 2 or Plus 3. You need to make the orange shape 100% transparent, then set up a shape and triggers for the other targets.

 It isn't perfect, because with the shape behind the target, the dropped object has to fit inside the target I think. If it hangs over, it doesn't register as dropped.

I also changed it to unlimited tries, and changed the incorrect jump to Try Again, for testing purposes.

Mary Nagy

Hi Rebecca

Using a pick one freeform to achieve a drag and drop effect (as you explain above), how does one control the drop behaviors/perameters (how the object behaves when dropped and when it is dropped in the wrong place etc) when there is no drag and drop behavior options button (on the ribbon) as there is in a true drag and drop question?


Solutionica  -The software company

hey to every one i need to discuss the drag drop issue i have 6 option and need to select only 4 to in sequence the thing is that i have manged all 4 boxes to the relevant answer but  the left 2 boxes didn't move?what can i do now?i am using free form drag drop