Drag and Drop Grading Issue


For a biosafety training, I'm creating a Storyline 3 drag and drop interaction where learners need to drag and drop items into the appropriate area of biosafety cabinet to set it up correctly. 

I discovered that if any part of a drag item touches the correct drop target the interaction is marked "correct". However, the larger drag items might also be partially outside the correct drop zone, blocking air vents or causing other safety issues.

Is there a way to require that the entire drag item is inside the correct drop zone in order for the interaction to be marked correct?

Thank you,



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alisha!

Does the interaction work better if you enable 'Snap dropped items to drop target'? That way, the drag object will move to the center of the drop target instead of only partially touching it. 

If you can share a sample of your file with us, hopefully folks in the community can share other ideas with you!

Alisha Klatt

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for getting back to me. I decided not to have the items snap to the center of the drop target, because the test is to make sure that they drop the items in a safe area of the biosafety cabinet.

However, I thought of a way to change the question and activity so that it won't require fixing this drag and drop issue. 

Thank you anyway for helping to brainstorm about this,