Play Screen Appears Over First Slide In Course When Launched on iPad

Dec 23, 2015

When launching my course using an iPad, a dark transparent type image with a play button covers the first page which will not launch until you select the play button on the image.  It only appears when the course is launched and on the first slide.  It causes the seek bar to move extremely slowly on the first slide and has taken as long as 5 minutes to complete before I'm able to go the next slide.  Once you get beyond the first slide, the course functions normally.  If you exit the course and re-launch it starting from where you left off, the image does not appear.  However, if I choose to start from the beginning, the image with the play button appears.  I have tested the course on multiple LMS and encounter the same issue on all.  Any idea how to fix this or what is causing this?  The file is formatted in HTML.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Jesse,

Thanks for reaching out here and that's the normal HTML5 behavior as the user needs to click to start. The loading issue may be based on your overall internet speed and what is being loaded, but here is how Storyline is set to preload content.  Also depending on the iPad and iOS you're using, you may want to review this article here. 

Hope that helps clarify and have a great holiday! 

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