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Aug 14, 2012

If you export content from storyline such as a presentation or an embedded video file, do they always come with the "playback" at the bottom of the screen? I want to be sure in order to decide the screen size that I'm going to use, in some cases I will have a presentation playing that I don't have the playback bar visible, is this posible?

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Francisco,

Are you referring to the Seekbar at the bottom of the Storyline Player?

You can disengage (turn it off) the Seekbar in the Player Properties. Or if you just want to hide the seekbar on a slide that has a video, you can turn it off in that slide's Slide Properties.

Another option if I'm understanding correctly is if you do want a playback bar for video. You can turn off the Seekbar to the Storyline Player and on the slide with the video:

  1. select the video. Options tab will appear in the toolbar just above the ribbon.
  2. select the checkbox "Show Video Controls." This will add Playback bar directly attached to the video.
Francisco Carreon

Thank you for your reply Kevin. Now I understand that I can:

1. Turn on or off the Seekbar

2. I can hide the Seekbar in certain slides.

3. I can have a Playback bar only for video and not Seekbar.


1. Does the "Seekbar" size has to be the entire length of my "Storyline" presentation window? or can occupy only a portion of the window.

2. Does the "Seekbar" look and design standard? or can I modify and have a different looking bar?

Thanks Again,

Kevin Thorn

Answers to your two questions:

1. No, there is not adjustment to the length of the Seekbar. It will auto adjust to fill the bottom of the player depending on what other elements you have on/off - Volume control, Next and/or Prev buttons.

2. The 'style' of the Seekbar is default to the Player. However, you can change the colors by editing the Player template.

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