Player attribute for text color in the Notes field

Hi all,

I've been playing with the color selection tool that allows you to select different colors for different parts of the player.  I'm finding however that I haven't been able to determine what the Notes Field text is called amongst the attribute lists.  I've changed all the text variables from white to black to allow for black text on a white backdrop -- except fo the one for Notes, apparently;  none of them seem to kick in...  Anyone know the name of this variable?  Probably looking right at and not seeing it after spending a day in front of the monitor.

Sounds like a Jeanette type of qustion...  

Magnus, I uploaded that file and will send the link momentarily...

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Raj S

Hi Jeanette  very good morning, i had look on the link you share with me ,its help ful  but i am looking something for creating my own UI buttons like next,prev ,menu....its nothing like that i want to change only the colour.i want to import imaje and make it as button,,,is  any option i can do it like that ..i tried exporting the player and made changes in the xml file but am not able to get a proper out put.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sinchu - What you might be looking for is an SDK for Storyline. Right now we don't have an SDK available. We do plan on offering that, but right now we don't have a prediction on when it'll be available. In the meantime, what you could do is turn off all of the standard features of the player and then create your own navigation buttons right on your slide, similar to what Dawn Ferullo did in this course example. In fact there are a few other courses on this page that you might be interested in looking at for inspiration.

You can definitely insert buttons for things like Prev/Next, and if you want the buttons to appear throughout your course, it's best to insert them on a slide master so that you only have to insert them once. You can also make your own buttons out of shapes. Or even use text or pictures as buttons.

For anything that you want learners to be able to click on, you just need to add a trigger so that Storyline knows where to take the learner when they click.  

As for a course menu, here's an idea that could work for you. You could also experiment with placing a menu on a layer within a slide master, and invoking it via a button on the slide master.

I hope that helps! For questions on how to accomplish a specific player design or use specific features, I'd recommend starting a separate post here in the Storyline forum so that your question doesn't get buried here. There are lots of ways to create very different and unique course designs in Storyline, and I hope you have fun with the features.