Player font for Tamil language in Articulate Storyline 2

Nov 01, 2016

Hi there. Does anybody know a good player font for the Tamil language for Storyline 2? I used Noto Sans Tamil, but it is having difficulty displaying Roman characters in the player (see attachment). Both Tamil and Roman characters display correctly for on-screen text in Noto Sans Tamil, but the Articulate player is having issues with Roman characters.

Alternatively, if anybody knows how I can use Noto Sans Tamil as the player font, but make Roman characters appear correctly, that would be great. I like the look of Noto Sans Tamil.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Wendy!

We do have an open issue with our QA Team regarding Tamil at this time. We typically advise utilizing Arial Unicode font, but it seems that the issue includes this font as well.

Not sure if someone in the community has any suggestions for you.

What update are you utilizing of Storyline 2? We had a user mention that the latter update worked better. Just thought I'd mention it. We are currently on Update 11.

Wendy J

HI Mark. Great question! Yes, as a matter of fact, it does make a difference. It seems to render correctly when using HTML5.

Unfortunately, my organization uses Internet Explorer which doesn't support HTML5 very well yet. But information could be useful to Articulate to help determine the cause of the issue.

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